Monday, June 27, 2011

My Midseason Top 20 prospects 6/12/11

1. Montero- has done nothing to decrease his value thus far. His power needs to come around though as he only has 4 HR thus far and is slugging just .408. He's close. Very close.
2. Betances- I ranked him my number 2 prospect preseason over Banuelos and thus far has has proven me right. Banuelos has been great but Betances has been phenomenal. 1.75 ERA, 51.1 IP, 58 K. Control is his only issue going forward, and he seems to be well on his way to conquering that.
3. Banuelos- He has struggled with his command, but it seems like whoever he does not walk, he strikes out or at least gets out. 2.88 ERA, 56.1 IP, 53 K. These three guys are clearly the reason our farm system is still top 10.
4. Romine- Here is my first change from the preseason. I had Sanchize here. I still have faith that Sanchize will turn his season around, but he is going to have to make a move soon. Romine, meanwhile, has played exceptionally well in Trenton. His defense has been good, while Sanchez has struggled in that department as well as his hitting. Sanchez is still a top prospect, and will likely turn it around, but Romine is showing why he was once viewed as the catcher of the future in the Yankees farm system. I predicted he would have a great season this year, and so far he's proving me right.
5. Sanchez- still our 5th best prospect despite a down year so far. As I said above I have faith that he will turn it around.
6. Hector Noesi- It was Brackman in this slot at the beginning of the season, but he has been absolutely awful so far. He often pitches better as the season wears on, but he doesn't look good at all this season. He's struggling again with control, and when he has his control he's not getting guys out like he should be. Noesi, on the other hand, has been very good, and has pitched great in the MLB so far.
7. Slade Heathcott- he has played very well so far, showing improved power from last season and an improved average. He could see a midseason promotion to Tampa, and he would deserve it. The important thing here is that he is showing a lot of improvement.
8. David Phelps- I was tempted to move JR Murphy above him, but I can't bring myself to do it. Phelps is performing too well right now for that, and he's been doing it consistently for over 1 year in AAA now. He had a rough start but he has really rebounded since then. 2.95 ERA (and improving by the day), 76.1 IP, 66 K.
9. JR Murphy- Moves WAYYY up my list. He was on my dark horse candidates to start the season, now he's all the way up at 9. His bat has been stellar thus far, although he seems to be cooling down. He has outplayed Gary Sanchez with the bat and at the C position through hard work. Not only that, but he has more versatility as he is playing other positions including 1st, 3rd, and OF at different times. I'm really high on him now as he is OPSing .806 with 6 HR and a .297 avg.
10. Andrew Brackman- he's been REALLY bad so far, but I can't take him out of my top 10, because all it will take is 3-4 dominant outtings and he will be right back in my top 10, probably higher than I have him right now.
11. Adam Warren- pitched CG 1 run ball in a recent start, and has been pitching very well recently. Another one of our AAA pitchers who's having a ton of success this season. Him, Noesi, Phelps, and Mitchell are really showing what they can do. 3.53 ERA, 47 K, 74 IP.
12. Brandon Laird- moves up mostly because others move down. (see Jose Ramirez and Graham Stoneburner. He struggled to start off in AAA, but has been raking recently. After a hellishly slow start, he's now up to .270 and has 4 HR, 3 of them recently. He doesn't strike out a lot and has learned to play OF, 1B, and 3B, a true 4 corner guy now.
13. Graham Stoneburner- hasn't pitched enough to change my opinion of him since he's been hurt. He was supposed to be back soon but I haven't heard anything lately.
14. Corban Joseph- Maintaining himself at AA, has come alive lately and been hitting well again. Notice David Adams shared this spot at the beginning of the season. I haven't given up on him, but he is going to have to be off this list until he proves he can stay healthy for now. .269 avg, .759 OPS, 2HR
15. Brett Marshall- after a horrific start to the season, he has been picking it up quite a bit lately. ERA is down to 4.19 with 52 K in 68.2 IP. These numbers are only going to improve as the season wears on, as his horrible start will likely be erased.
16. Cito Culver- Just started in SI, started very slow, but has a 5 hits in last 3 games.
17. Ravel Santana- I hear he has 80 power and 80 speed. Enough to justify taking Rafael Depaula off the list since he may never get his visa.
18. Mason Williams- Has started off hot in SI. He's shown power and speed. I could see him moving up this list really quickly
19. Rob Segedin/Kyle Roller- both have performed very well this season in Charleston. Very similar numbers with Roller pulling ahead in HR, but Segedin likely better in the field.
20. Have to go with DJ Mitchell here. He is doing to well in AAA to be ignored. 3.04 ERA, 44K in 68 IP. I hate to leave guys like Ramon Flores (A) and Jairo Heredia (high A) off this list but they are so far away and their upside is questionable anyway.

Guys who are officially on the prospect radar now and might be top 20 by the end of the season:
Ramon Flores
Jairo Heredia
George Kontos
Tim Norton- probably off the prospect radar now that he is out for the season.
Kevin Whelan
Jorge Vazquez- if the old dog learns a new trick - not striking out and hitting an off-speed pitch.
Deangelo Mack
Raymond Kruml- 23 SB
Craig Heyer
Pat Venditte
Naoya Okamoto
Josh Romanski
Shaeffer Hall
Chase Whitley
Robert Lyerly
Matt Murton
Walter Ibarra
Zoilo Almonte- extremely hot in High A
Eduardo Sosa
Kelvin Castro
Nik Turley **** almost made the list
Michael O'brien
Jose Ramirez- starting to turn it around this season, he'll have to continue that to be back on the list
Tommy Kahnle
Daniel Burawa
Manuel Barreda

Note: originally posted 6/12/11

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